Customer Hero Story: Showing business insight & aligning with your team.

John Geraci, Co-Founder and President of CI Squared

Thursday | December 7th | 10am CST

SAMA Focus Area

Internal Alignment, Storytelling, Customer Focus, Managing the Customer Relationship

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How do you overcome objections, show business insight and align account teams? CI Squared recently coached a SAM team working on a significant revenue opportunity. It was critical to win not only due to the large subscription dollars this opportunity represented, but because they were fending off a tough competitor who was using this application to penetrate their accounts. The 19 internal players were disjointed, disconnected and out of alignment both on the strategy and execution for this account.

The world is moving at an incredibly fast pace, causing account teams to be more misaligned, harried and unfocused than ever. The latest research on how people buy (behavioral economics) and make decisions combined with our communication framework provides an innovative approach to creating alignment, overcoming customer objections and showing business insights. Understanding how to tell a customer-hero story with real business results is a game changer to align and leverage your next business conversation. Our innovative framework combined with a customer-success story can help you rethink these situations, align with your team and create success.

This webinar will focus on the art and science of how to build a compelling customer-hero story and why it delivers results. Simple pragmatic tools you can use tomorrow to differentiate and align will be discussed.


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LaVon Koerner

As Co-Founder and President of CI Squared, a Leadership Development and Sales Training Company, John believes that people and organizations have untapped potential to grow and change. He also believes that slowing down to speed up with the injection of small Nudges can have a huge effect on maximizing performance.

After graduating from West Point and spending six years leading highly trained and motivated soldiers, John began working in the computer software industry, ultimately being promoted to president. He's spent the last ten years sharing his knowledge from both successes and failures to help people unlock their potential.

John formed CI Squared with business partner, Christine Miles, combining deep operational experience with emotional intelligence to help leaders better influence and drive growth initiatives. They developed an innovative communication framework called "The Art of The Nudge," and are actively using this process with companies to accelerate performance and drive business and personal outcomes.

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