Right Actionable Customer Feedback Acts as a Catalyst for Process and Revenue Improvement

Dennis Chapman, President & CEO, The Chapman Group

Thursday | October 19th | 10am CST

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Customer Focus, Overall Customer Relationship

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We all continue to look for innovative ways to keep and grow our most valuable customers. In my experience, I have seen one constant in organizations that have successfully found new ways to keep and grow their customers - they proactively execute on customer provided needs and wants to create the ultimate effortless customer experience. This may seem like a no-brainer to most seasoned professionals, but without the right catalyst, such an endeavor could often result in wasted resources, little ROI, no business improvements, and most importantly, no revenue improvement.

What is that one catalyst... the Right Actionable Customer Feedback.

On this webinar, President and CEO of The Chapman Group, Dennis Chapman Sr., will focus our attention on the structure, collection, and analysis of the right actionable customer feedback as well as the impacts these data points will have on business processes, customer relationships, as well as existing revenue streams.
Key Learning Points Include:

  • Current gaps/challenges in customer feedback programs preventing organizations from taking actions that influence relationships and revenues
  • Getting the "Right" Feedback; questions to ask, who to ask, how to ask and use of advanced analytical tools
  • How actionable feedback drives business process decisions and improvements
  • How actionable feedback drives revenue retention and growth strategies


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Presenter Information

LaVon Koerner

Dennis J. Chapman is founder and President of The Chapman Group, a sales consulting firm that specializes in creating world class sales organizations through the implementation of sales and account management processes, methodologies, best practices and metric-based software tools.

Dennis brings over 25 years of executive level experience in sales, marketing, and business management to his clients in helping them achieve their goals. He is a dynamic, enthusiastic speaker whose ideas and vision consistently inspire and motivate his audiences. Clients of The Chapman Group include many Fortune 500 companies as well as a diverse portfolio of mid-tier accounts.

The Chapman Group works closely with their clients in the areas of sales, sales process improvement, sales effectiveness, strategic account management, sales coaching, training, tools, strategy, and compensation. They are widely known for their Strategic Account Management program, SMARTS™, which builds and utilizes cross‐functional teams to manage major strategic accounts. Dennis developed the SMARTS™ methodology through his many years of designing sales methodologies, processes and tools that produced significant, sustainable results for his clients, time and time again. The Chapman Group has been engaged by companies such as Dell Computer, Hercules Chemical, GE Water Technologies, GE-ITS Healthcare, Specialty Minerals Chemicals, and many others.

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