Enabling the SAM to become an effective ecosystem captain

Bernard Quancard, President and CEO, SAMA

Wednesday | June 21 | 10am CST

SAMA Focus Area

Digitalization, digitization, technology, SAM talent, training, overall relationship & outcome management, accountability for business outcomes


The digital tsunami in most areas of business is having a tremendous impact on the art and science of managing B to B strategic customer relationships. Digitalization is creating a much more complex scope within B to B customer/supplier relationships. SAMs have to learn how to become "ecosystem captains". Co-value creation in this digital world engages many more stakeholders in the customer value chain, creating an ecosystem, which the SAM has to lead towards creating business value for all parties.
In this webinar you will learn:

  • Which customer engagement models take full advantage of the digitalization of the customer value chain and lead to the trusted advisor status.
  • Through two business cases, how to map the most relevant ecosystem leading to true co-created business value.
  • How these new trends impact the traits and competencies of the SAM of tomorrow and how to select, train, and enable the right talent.


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Presenter Information

LaVon Koerner

Bernard started his career in 1969 with The Boston Consulting Group in the Boston and Paris offices. He joined Telemecanique (Schneider Electric Group) in 1975 as Vice President, Corporate Strategy and became VP/General Manager of the Switch Gear division in 1978 and of the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) division in 1988. In 1994, he joined the management board of AEG Schneider Automation (Schneider Electric Group) as Executive VP, Worldwide Sales and Marketing.

Bernard moved to Chicago in 1997 for Square D/Schneider Electric as Senior VP/General Manager of Schneider Global Business Development (SGBD), the entity managing global strategic accounts (GSAs) for Schneider Electric worldwide. That year, SGBD was managing 24 GSAs, driving $180 million of consolidated sales. By 2001, the entity was managing 74 GSAs with over a billion dollars of consolidated sales. The compounded growth of Schneider Electric sales at GSAs was twice the average growth rate of the total company. Strategic Account Management at Schneider Electric was recognized by the organization and its competitors as a major competitive advantage.

Bernard retired from Schneider Electric in March 2005, and was recruited in 2006 by the Strategic Account Management Association Board of Directors to lead the organization in a new, more practitioner-focused direction. Under Bernard's leadership, SAMA has experienced significant growth in its corporate membership, numbering more than 90 at the beginning of 2014, SAMA's 50th Anniversary year. He is a frequent keynote speaker and regarded as a leading expert in the principles and practices of strategic customer management. Bernard has also led the expansion of SAMA's global footprint, with a greater presence in Europe and in 2013 into Asia Pacific.

Bernard is a native of France, but currently resides in Chicago and became a U.S. citizen in 2013. He holds a BS degree in electrical engineering from the University of Paris and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

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