The next generation of account management process

Mark Shonka, Co-President, IMPAX; Dan Kosch, Co-President, IMPAX;

Thursday | April 26 | 10am CST

SAMA Focus Area

Customer relationship management

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The world of the SAM is changing. Great SAM skills are "table stakes Trends like Innovation, AI, IoT, the rise of Procurement, big data, social media and the millennial generation are both threats and opportunities. In the coming few years, countless sales and account management positions will be eliminated. The only segment that is expected to grow is the "Consultative Sales/Account Management" professional.

This session outlines the keys to SAM success in the future:

  • Deeply understanding your customer's business
  • Leveraging these trends to enhance your value and your strategy
  • Translating your knowledge and capabilities into a quantified impact on critical business outcomes
  • Elevating access to true senior-level decision makers who care about these outcomes
  • Getting credit for the business impact you make so as to retain and grow customer relationships
Participants will walk away with actionable strategies they can use immediately to take customer relationships to the next level.


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Presenter Information

LaVon Koerner

As Co-President of IMPAX Corporation, Mark Shonka unites powerful thought leadership and decades of high-level selling experience to launch the world's leading sales organizations to the next level of selling success. Intensely results- and action-oriented, Mark does far more than merely spout ideas about how to improve sales; he details precisely what sales teams need to do to within their unique corporate structures and business cultures to achieve stellar sales success. His expertise is valued by organizations such as Microsoft, IBM, DHL, US Bank, DuPont and GE Healthcare. Mark is highly sought-after speaker globally, has authored numerous articles by top selling publications and co-authored with Dan Kosch, Beyond Selling Value, a business bestseller that was named one of the top 40 books of the year by Business Book Review.

Mark's sales acumen stays razor sharp because he practices what he preaches every day - expertly selling to the complete business-tobusiness spectrum and leading a team of top sales professionals who do the same. Mark's knowledge is founded in more than 25 years of experience in direct sales, sales management, and sales consulting and training. He is an authority on a range of sales topics including selling value, strategic account selling, strategic account management, account planning and sales leadership.

Mark has been associated with IMPAX Corporation since 1988 and has been a Co-President since 1991. Prior to joining IMPAX, he had a successful sales career in the information systems industry working for IBM and Memorex-Telex. He has bachelor's degree in Marketing/Management from the College of St. Thomas and a Master's of Business Administration from the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management. Mark is actively involved in the community, providing leadership in academic foundations, sports associations and his faith community.

LaVon Koerner

Dan Kosch is Co-President of IMPAX Corporation and co-author of Beyond Selling Value: A Proven Process to Avoid the Vendor Trap. Dan is leading authorities in the areas of strategic account selling, strategic account management (including account planning), sales management/leadership and the integration of strategic selling efforts into broader management systems. His concepts enable organizations to catapult themselves beyond today's challenges, steering them away from selling based on price and product alone - a long-term formula for failure - and establishing unwavering competitive immunity by creating high-level, long-term strategic customer relationships.

He has more than 40 years of experience in direct sales, sales management, and sales consulting and training. He is a highly sought-after speaker on a range of sales topics including selling value, strategic account selling, strategic account management, account planning and sales leadership, presentations and gaining competitive immunity.

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