Changing the conversation from price to value with a consumable killer technique: Multiple solution options

Carrie Welles; Partner, Think! Inc.

Thursday | March 22 | 10am CST

SAMA Focus Area

Negotiation, value communication

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Even the most experienced SAM has trouble selling value then avoiding the price negotiation trap. We've all been there; the customer asks us for a proposal and our longstanding response of delivering that one proposal sabotages our best efforts. We unwittingly set the customer up for a take-it-or-leave-it response and a guaranteed focus toward price. If we are serious about changing the conversation from price to value, we must sell solutions and negotiate solutions. Multiple Solution Options are a simple, yet essential technique to course correcting.

Some of the most seasoned SAMs may respond; "But we DO offer our customers options!" While that may be true at first blush, our 21 years of research and practical experience tells a different story. We believe most organizations fall short of a systematic and well-scripted approach to offering compelling options that skillfully organize the customer's thinking for them. Options that paint possibilities and articulate shared risk scenarios for your customer and you. Now that's the mark of a trusted advisor.

This (1) hour session will provide empirical research, and street level examples, for how best to package and present your value using this technique. Participants will take away best practices for creating and presenting thought provoking options that will speed the negotiation and turn in improved financial outcomes.


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LaVon Koerner

Carrie Welles, has been a Partner at 5600blue & Think! Inc. since 2001. Her role includes consulting clients on implementing value creation and value capture ecosystems, teaching negotiation strategy, business development, facilitating workshops, and onboarding new Think! consultants.

She is a practitioner first, consultant second, meaning that everything she teaches she also has implemented. Carrie works constantly with the negotiation blueprint framework and has exceptional experience in applying this simple, yet compelling structure. Prior to Think! Inc, Carrie held a 16-year SAM career at Marriott International. Carrie has been a long time SAMA member, including serving on the Board of Directors from 1997-2015.

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