Transforming Your Outcomes by Transforming Your Messaging

Tim Pollard; CEO, Oratium

Thursday | February 15 | 10am CST

SAMA Focus Area

Communication skills, influencing

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The Problem

There remains an evident and troubling gap between the quality of companies' solutions and the quality of the messaging built around those solutions. Even when the dreaded PowerPoint slide deck isn't in view (and it still too often is), messaging typically remains confusing, too detailed, too sender-oriented, too focused on "how it works" and insufficiently focused on "why you should care."

The Solution

The solution to this persistent problem is as fascinating as it is effective. Messaging can be transformed, and the key lies in the customer's brain. The human brain wants and needs to consume information in a certain way. When we finally abandon old habits and embrace a proven, scientifically-based model for communication, breakthrough success is possible. Messaging becomes simpler, crisper and cleaner - and significantly more compelling and customer-centric.

In this webinar, Tim will unpack precisely why and how you can achieve a new level of success with your Strategic Accounts messaging.


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Presenter Information

LaVon Koerner

Tim Pollard is the founder and CEO of Oratium and the author of The Compelling Communicator: Mastering the Art and Science of Exceptional Presentation Design.

Over a long career in sales and marketing at Unilever, Barclays, and CEB, Tim Pollard has developed remarkable insight into the "science" of designing extraordinary sales messaging. The result has been the development of unique tools and concepts, and a remarkable ability to teach and coach others in the learnable processes of exceptional communications.

As a result, Tim is one of the world's leading thinkers on advanced communication skills, particularly sales messaging. Not only is Tim a highly sought-after speaker in the communications field, but the thinking that he has developed at Oratium has been translated into a repeatable process, which allows any organization to see a renaissance in its sales communications.

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