SAMA University and Academy.SAMA University and Academy.

SAMA University comprises intensive workshops dedicated to expanding your knowledge and capabilities in strategic account management. SAMA University for strategic account managers offers eight of our core strategic account management skill–building workshops. You have the option to take classes individually or in combination.

All eight courses are part of the required curriculum for SAMA's Certification program for CSAM(Certified Strategic Account Manager), and are also open for public enrollment.


Make the most out of your learning experience by solidifying your core knowledge in strategic account management tools and practices through SAMA's Certification program.


Focus on core strategic account manager skills for new/developing SAM professionals.


Builds upon core SAM skills for intermediate to advanced strategic/global account managers with at least 3-5 years' experience.

programmingSAM Program Organization Design & Management:

For SAM program directors/managers as well as senior sales and marketing executives sponsoring or leading a SAM initiative.

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SAMA University/Academy Course

Aug 12–15
Sept 22–25
Oct 20–23
101: Critical Skills for Strategic Account Managers
2   M/T
Faculty:Revenue Storm Corporation
Recommended Audience: Foundational |  Foundational
Certification Credits Available: Yes certification

Being an account manager is not just a "glorified" sales job. Performing the intricacies of managing a strategic account is a balanced blend of business management, sales management, and financial management competencies. This workshop is for account managers who want to raise their overall level of account management competency in order to protect and grow wallet share.

Topics Covered:
  • How to increase account team productivity while providing measurable customer value
  • Choosing a go-to-market strategy for a particular account
  • Supporting revenue goals with accurate, verifiable, customer-driven data
  • Establishing a value proposition vis-à-vis your competitors
  • Understanding buying cycles, market issues and business challenges to find opportunity
  • Influencing politically powerful people on the customer side and cultivating strong relationships with them
  • Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of key relationships
Course Requirements:Pre-work will be required, using a proprietary tool that captures how a strategic account manager spends his or her time executing the account strategy. Each individual will work on a live account or opportunity of his or her own choosing. During the workshop, account managers will apply the proven processes, methods and tools taught throughout the class to the account managers' own situations. Each individual will compare his or her work to best-in-class benchmark data from high-performing strategic account managers.
102: Buyer's Perspective: Create, Communicate and Quantify Value for CxO Impact
2 T/W
Faculty: Executive Conversation
Recommended Audience: Foundational |  Foundational
Certification Credits Available: Yes certification

Led by a seasoned executive who has spent a career on the other side of the desk – where your customer sits – this session shares a buyer's perspective on how investment decisions are made. You'll gain strategies for engaging executive-level buyers and effectively positioning the business value of your solution.

Learn how to:
  • Find and interpret account information to identify areas of greatest impact
  • Translate financial data and trends to identify selling opportunities
  • Align your business value with your account's prioritized initiatives
  • Quantify your value using financial metrics meaningful to your account
Course Requirements: Willingness to participate in role-playing exercises.
103: Keys to Effective Strategic Account Planning
2 Th/F
Faculty: Performance Methods, Inc.
**For SAMA Academy Signapore: Mercuri International, in partnership with Performance Methods Inc.
Recommended Audience: Foundational, Advanced |  Foundational Advanced
Certification Credits Available: Yes certification

How can you equip yourself with the strategic account management skills and tools required to be most effective in today's challenging business environment? What innovative SAM best practices can enable your account planning efforts to be more customer-focused? Why should your strategic customer care about your account plan? Answer these questions and more in this high-energy workshop in which we discover the keys to effective strategic account planning.

You will select one of your strategic customers and build an account plan during class that is based on proven, contemporary SAM best practices, skills and tools. If your company has an existing account planning tool, you can use what you learn in this workshop to inform and enhance your current planning process, not replace it.

Exercises will include participant debriefs and group discussion around innovative SAM concepts and principles.

Topics Covered:
  • How to increase account team productivity while providing measurable customer value
  • How to apply the key components of an actionable, value-focused strategic account plan to one of your most important customers
  • How to harmonize short-term revenue and long-term relationship goals through a realistic and pragmatic account planning approach
  • How to focus your account planning process on what your customer values most
  • How to assess and strengthen your relationships with strategic customers
  • How to align customer and supplier business objectives through collaboration
  • How proactive coaching can help drive SAM adoption
  • How to benchmark your current account plan and planning process against industry standards
Course Requirements: None
104: Leading & Managing a Multifunctional Team
1   T
Faculty: Mercuri International
Recommended Audience: Foundational |  Foundational
Certification Credits Available: Yes certification

This course develops account managers in the essential skills for leading and managing multifunctional and sometimes geographically remote, teams. The course covers team leadership, interpersonal skills and cultural knowledge and sensitivity. Attendees will work in teams using a case study, exercises and role play, and cover key team processes including the account planning process, team building, relationship process, influence without authority and coaching.

Following each learning segment, attendees will input their own Account Team Plan to identify the relevance and application of the learning to future action items with their own account and account team.

Topics Covered:
  • Building team vision and identity
  • Alignment of account and team goals
  • Business and national/regional culture and impact in teams
  • Leading the team without direct authority
  • Working with the network
  • Managing the key processes
  • Coaching and development in the team
105: Creating Joint Solutions with Strategic Customers
1 Th 


Faculty: The Summit Group
Recommended Audience: Foundational |  Foundational
Certification Credits Available: Yes certification

Value is created by delivering relevant, differentiating solutions that impact what the customer cares most about. This interactive workshop equips strategic account managers with a proven approach and tools to create joint solutions – with the customer - that maximize business impact, increase loyalty and accelerate sustainable profitable growth.

Topics covered:
  • "Next-level practices" - what the best do differently
  • Developing a strategy and framework to collaboratively engage customers in creating joint solutions
  • Deepening customer value chain insights to prioritize needs, drivers and opportunities
  • Co-developing relevant, differentiating solutions that leverage enterprise capabilities beyond core products and service
  • Communicating compelling joint value propositions and business cases
  • How to implement a pragmatic, replicable approach to creating joint solutions that ensures competitive immunity, increases relevance and accelerates mutual growth
  • A structured approach to complex business negotiation
  • How to integrate this common language and process within your strategic account organization and account team
  • Course Requirements: None
    106: Using Presentations to Drive Customer Engagement
    1   W
    Faculty: IMPAX Corp.
    Recommended Audience: Foundational, Advanced, Program Design |  Foundational AdvancedProgram
    Certification Credits Available: Yes certification

    The presentation element of the buy/sell cycle is critical to the success of strategic account relationships. To be effective you have to make business presentations at all levels of your customer's organization and at different stages of the selling and relationship management cycles. The challenge of balancing effective presentation content with professional, compelling delivery is often a deal-breaker. This workshop addresses and elevates the skills required to successfully compete in a variety of business-to-business presentation situations, while differentiating your company and its offering from that of your competition.

    Topics Covered:
    • How to create competitive advantage by leveraging presentations at different points in the sales cycle
    • How to develop a customer-focused sales and relationship management presentation
    • How to rehearse presentations to maximize impact
    • How to deliver compelling presentations that differentiate you from the competition
    • How to utilize internal presentations to gain commitment and consensus
    107: Strategic Negotiation: Changing the Conversation from Price to Solutions


    Faculty: Think! Inc.
    Recommended Audience: Foundational, Advanced |  Foundational Advanced
    Certification Credits Available: Yes certification

    The strategic account manager is uniquely positioned to undertake negotiations that will result in not just a good deal but a great deal. In this session you will bring an account negotiation with you and learn how to diagnose the underlying structure or "blueprint" of a negotiation so you can consistently start turning in great deals. This course shows strategic account managers how to use their relationships, access to information, teams and analytical abilities to forge blockbuster deals with customers.

    Topics Covered:
    • How to audit and improve your personal negotiation skills for:
      • Determining and acquiring power in high-level, complex negotiations
      • Developing strategies for dealing with irrational competitive offers
      • Finding ways to create measurable business value by taking pressure off price
      • Developing effective ways to negotiate solutions vs. price
    • A structured approach to complex business negotiation
    • How to integrate this common language and process within your strategic account organization and account team
    Course Requirements: Bring an account negotiation with you that we will work on and apply concepts to during the session.
    108: Managing the Overall Customer Relationship and Business Outcomes
    1     Th
    Faculty: The Chapman Group
    Recommended Audience: Foundational, Advanced |  Foundational Advanced
    Certification Credits Available: Yes certification

    Strategic account managers are the relationship managers between company and customer, accountable to both in achieving and, in some cases, exceeding expected business outcomes. As the overall corporate customer manager, the SAM builds and sustains individual relationships, develops the joint customer-supplier scorecard, drives the account team performance against a defined metric-based dashboard, delivers the internal/external business reviews and monitors overall customer satisfaction and loyalty metrics.

    This highly interactive workshop, complete with field-based application activities and recommended follow-on collaboration with their appropriate leader, will assist SAMs in developing the right skill set and operating plan to manage the overall corporate relationship, maintain process discipline to drive results and deliver to expectations and joint metrics for success.

    Topics covered:
    • Mastering the What, the How and the When of the SAM relationship management, engagement and review processes
    • The metrics-based dashboard and tracking progress
    • Gaining clarity on internal and external expectations for the overall relationship management process
    • Personal accountability and responsibility for business outcomes
    Course Requirements: None
    200: Leveraging an Understanding of SRM to Drive Genuine Collaboration with Procurement
    1     M
    Presenter: Jonathan Hughes, Partner, Strategic Sourcing & Supply Chain Management Practice Leader, Vantage Partners
    Recommended Audience:SAM Program leaders, senior sales executives, and strategic account managers – especially those working with accounts that have an active and empowered Procurement function
    Level: Advanced |  Advanced
    Certification Credits Available: Yes (Continuing Education Only) certification

    Sourcing and procurement organizations continue to increase their influence within the enterprise. This is generally viewed as a problem by the SAM community, and there is a growing body of advice about how to work around procurement. Yet the adoption of Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) programs and principles by supply management organizations companies is creating a window of opportunity for SAMs to transform adversarial relationships with procurement groups into mutually beneficial partnerships.

    While sourcing and procurement organizations vary widely in their maturity and sophistication, many are evolving beyond a traditional focus on tactical cost reduction, and genuinely seek to facilitate collaboration with suppliers focused on TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), competitive differentiation, and joint innovation. Today’s SAMs need practical ways to profile their procurement counterparts, and to develop appropriate strategies for working with them as constructively as possible – while also managing the risks posed by adversarial procurement practices. This workshop will use real-life case studies to enable SAMs to better understand procurement, and to illustrate proven ways to go beyond a “work-around” strategy.

    Topics & Take-Aways:
    • Getting into the shoes of Sourcing and Procurement counterparts: what are the priorities, incentives, and constraints that drive them
    • How to employ a practical framework to profile the maturity and openness to collaboration of procurement organizations and individual counterparts
    • How procurement groups really think about competitive versus collaborative ways of working with suppliers
    • Metrics that matter: How to measure and communicate value in a language that Procurement understands
    • What is SRM, and how do SRM principles and practices map to those of Strategic Account Management
    • How and why to integrate your SAM program with a customer’s SRM program
    • How to effectively demonstrate the value of SRM to procurement organizations that have not yet started the SRM journey
    Course Requirements: None
    201: Presenting Value to Your Customer: Procurement Can Pay For It and Your Company Can Profit From It!
    1     T
    Presenter: Todd Snelgrove, Global Manager, Value, SKF
    Recommended Audience:SAM Program leaders, senior sales executives and sales directors/managers
    Level: Advanced |  Advanced
    Certification Credits Available: Yes (Continuing Education Only) certification

    How does an organization get paid for value created? This question has been asked by every premium player in every market of the world. Since the financial benefits of value creation and pricing are well known, why is it that so many companies do not achieve the results they want after they have done the work to create something that is of value? For those that do invest and create customer value, it is time to do the work to capture that value!

    The companies that are best in class in value selling realize a 60 percent higher customer retention rate, 17.9 percent difference in year over year growth in company gross profits, and larger deal sizes. So why is it that so many companies still take a market share or cost driven strategy versus value based pricing? Companies who have a good value based pricing strategy are 30 percent more profitable than ones that have weak execution on value pricing, and are 35 percent better off than those that follow a cost or share driven strategy. In this compelling seminar, Todd Snelgrove will draw from his many years of industry experience at SKF and other companies and explain how value capturing can be managed in practice.

    Key Learning Points

    Participants will leave this seminar with a working knowledge and understanding of:

    • The benefits of value selling
    • How to use value quantification in the sales process
    • Calculating value
    • How to determine what your value proposition is
    • Pricing for value created
    • Communicating value to procurement/buyer?
    • Working with the buyer who refuses to recognize value
    • The major pitfalls that will trip you up in the value selling journey
    Course Requirements: None


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    Classes in Session
    12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.
    Group Lunch
    1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
    Classes in Session
    5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.
    Networking Reception
    (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday)

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    To ensure the quality of the experience for all participants, the number of representatives from a single company in SAMA University workshops will be restricted. This ensures that the "open enrollment" SAMA University sessions will have a wide variety of companies and insights, providing a more robust and interactive experience for all. The capacity by company will vary depending on the style of the workshop. SAMA will strive to ensure that representatives from one company in any given session do not exceed 1/2 of the maximum number of attendees.

    Corporate members interested in enrolling larger groups in a single session are encouraged to contact Jon Lang, Bobbie Zimny, or Brett Middendorf to coordinate in–house workshops for your company. Private SAMA University workshops may be scheduled at your corporate location. Here is a list of our current corporate member companies. For more information about becoming a corporate member to access dedicated SAMA U workshops and learn about other benefits exclusive to corporate members, contact Matt Fegley.